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Japanese Relaxers

The iStraight System is an innovative hair straightening system that transforms frizzy, curly, and wavy hair into straight hair while preserving the integrity of the hair. The iStraight hair system will improve the hair’s feel, softness and shine while providing a drastic improvement in hair manageability. 

iStraight reconditioning system has been specially formulated in several different strengths to give us the ability to customize your results. This allows our stylists the creative freedom to perform this service utilizing several different techniques to achieve the texture that you most desire. Not all hair has the same texture or condition, so your technician now has the ability to customize your formula for your specific hair type for optimum results.
What is Japanese Straightening?

Japanese Straightening, also known as thermal reconditioning, is thio-based chemical procedure which uses heat to restructure the hair's protein bond, enabling those with frizzy, curly, or wavy hair to experience permanently straight hair while at the same time preserving the health and improving the feel, texture, softness, & shine, leaving the hair completely manageable.
How is it different from a Keratin Treatment? 
The Keratin Treatment is a temporary smoothing treatment that works great on certain hair types. Japanese straightening/thermal reconditioning is a permanent smoothing treatment that offers much of the benefits of a Brazilian Blowout. But because it is a chemical service that is permanent, it is far more effective on extremely curly, unruly and frizzy hair. 
How long will the iStraight System last?
Once the hair has been thermally reconditioned it will remain relaxed or straight until it grows out and/or is cut off. Touch ups generally need to be done from 4-8 months or even longer.
Can I do an iStraight service over my hair that has had a relaxer?
The iStraight thermal reconditioning system is excellent for African American or any other ethnic hair type. The difference of the condition of the hair that has been previously straightened with a sodium hydroxide relaxer and an iStraight Japanese straightening is amazing. Your hair will be healthier, stronger and have luster and shine like you have never seen before. However, if you currently have a sodium hydroxide relaxer on your hair you will require a special consultation to discuss details on how we will help you to get the optimum health back to your hair while converting from a relaxer to a Japanese Relaxer.
Does iStraight System contain formaldehyde, or any other formaldehyde releaser?
No. iStraight System restructures the hair with “thio” (Ammonium Thioglycolate) which has been safely used in perms for many decades because it is much milder on the hair than lye (Sodium Hydroxide or equivalent). The difference is that a flat iron is used to straighten the hair before re-bonding into the new straight structure.
Why is it necessary to wait 48 hours before shampooing the hair?
The hair will continue to naturally oxidize and re-harden into a stable state over these 48 hours providing long-lasting results. Bands or clips can leave a permanent mark on the hair. Other straightening systems may require up to 72 hours of absolute straightness while iStraight System recommends a minimum of 24 hours, but 48 hours is recommended.
What kind of hair is suitable for the iStraight System?
With the right specialist, almost any type of hair can be straightened with the iStraight System. The iStraight System offers 3 solution strengths to cater to virgin, colored, and/or highlighted hair types. We highly recommend that you research the stylist and ask any questions you may have to ensure you choose the right specialist for your needs. 
Can I get my hair colored on the same day as iStraight System?
It is not recommended as too many services in one day may cause undue stress and damage to your hair. We recommend waiting at least one week after iStraight System to get your hair colored. 
What’s the difference between iStraight System and other Straightening Systems?
The strongest to the iStraight System solutions, when compared to competitors’ products, are the high levels of Collagen Proteins, 7 Natural Oils, Cysteamine, and other proven hair conditioning ingredients. Collagen is the main structural protein of connective tissues in our bodies and is a major component in hair growth because it fights off free radicals that can affect hair texture. Collagen can strengthen hair and increase an individual strand’s diameter as well as providing structural support. Additionally, a high cysteamine and/or cysteine concentration reduces the chance of over-processing and promotes a stronger return of disulfide bonds, resulting in healthier looking hair with a treatment-like finish. Another benefit to the iStraight System solutions is the use of negative ions in the straightening cream and positive ions in the neutralizer. This combination of ions helps promote a stronger bond to restructure the hair properly, and keeps the hair moisturized and looking vibrant. All this amounts to incomparably beautiful results: Less Damage, Healthier, Natural-looking, Frizz-free, STRAIGHT, SHINY, SILKY, BEAUTIFUL HAIR!
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